Veterans Benefit

For a second time AMSF has given not only the gift of music but also a refurbished or replacement piano to one of its outreach locations. In November, 2007, AMSF purchased and delivered a new piano to the veterans of the Comprehensive Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (CNRC) located at 50 Irving Street, NW, Washington, DC.

For many years, AMSF members graciously provided the gift of music by performing for the injured and elderly veterans of the CNRC. Participation in these recitals was a real labor of love because the piano there was in such terrible condition. Though playing on such an inadequate instrument was not easy, each member who took on the challenge came away feeling the struggle was very much worth it because of the obvious appreciation of the veterans. (Studies have shown that live music has therapeutic effects. It is calming, it lowers blood pressure, and it can detract from pain or discomfort.)

AMSF recently undertook the challenge of providing a new piano for the Center so that the veterans could derive even more pleasure from both AMSF performances and those of other volunteers. The goal was met in November, 2007, and a replacement piano was quickly found and delivered to the Center. Thank you to benefit organizers, AMSF members, and supporters such as Frank Conlon (piano recital held on June 22, 2007) for making this gift possible.

Plaque on CNRC Piano

The Plaque attached to the front of the piano.

Allan Reiter at CNRC Piano

Allan Reiter enjoys the newly delivered piano.

Elizabeth Larson at CNRC Piano

A smile of appreciation from Elizabeth Larson as she tries out the new piano.

Elizabeth Larson at CNRC Piano

Elizabeth Larson at CNRC Piano