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AMSF is an association whose services are provided by volunteer members. You may contact an officer, board member, or other member who provides organizational support as follows.

Contact AMSF by e-mail at

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Alternatively, you may send an email to one the following persons who provides organizational support by clicking on the person's name.

Directors, Officers and Coordinators

Joan Magagna
Marilyn Jones
Vice President and
Prelude Recitals
Yelong Han
Harriet Kaplan
Hala Tomey
Encore Recitals
Don Foy
Salon Recitals
Donna Kanin
Intermezzo Recitals
Joan Rosenfield
Cadenza Recitals
Sarah Aderholdt
Special Events Coordinator
Kuo-Wei Wang
Sonata Recitals
Raye Haug
Barbara Freggens
Duetto Recitals
Anne Williams
Community Outreach
Barbara McClung
and Marilyn Jones
Joyce Morton
Web Site Administrator


Matthew Harre

Contact AMSF by mail:

AMSF, Inc.
P.O. Box 6204
Washington, D.C. 20015-0204