Encore Recital Application

Participation in Encore Recitals is open to full members of AMSF. An adult who is not a member of AMSF but who studies with a teacher who is a member of one of the area music teacher associations also may participate in an Encore recital for a fee of $17.

Apply for an Encore recital by submitting a complete request up to 10 days prior to the recital by email . A complete request includes title of selection, opus no., key, composer, and any other information needed to clearly identify your selection(s). Include performer name(s), instrument(s), teacher name(s), and duration of each selection. Applications that are not complete and/or arrive within 10 days of a recital date will receive less priority than those that are complete and timely (particularly if space on a program is limited).

Performances are generally limited to 10 minutes, though performance opportunities lasting longer than 10 minutes may occasionally be granted. This is at the discretion of the Encore Coordinator and will depend on factors such as total length of the recital program and timeliness of your request.