Piano Improvisation with Libby Francisco

Preview by Matthew Harre

"To be open to all combinations of sound, to not be constricted by tonal constructions; then, all possibilities are open and there are no wrong notes."

"Success comes by doing, not by judgements."

"Sit for a moment of quiet before starting. Listen to the sounds and pictures inside your head. Get in tune with what YOU are feeling and try to reflect that in your improvisation."

"Let the childlike quality of playfulness show in your music. Don't be afraid of humor, or silliness, or seriousness, or whatever."

"Be open to all combinations of sound."

These are among the words Libby Francisco uses to describe the improvisation process. Libby will lead our third Special Event of the year on March 18, 2001. It will be devoted to a session on improvisation. Improvisation is something everyone can do; but most feel they can't. The plan [and plans frequently change] is that Libby will do an improvisation in front of the assembled group and discuss what she is doing as she goes along. This way everyone can get an idea of what's involved. Then Libby will take various members of the group though the same process so as many as possible will get a chance to find that they, too, can begin to improvise.

Libby is a certified facilitator for Music for People (MfP). She brings her unique gifts of warmth and enthusiasm to the many workshops and gatherings she conducts in the Washington, DC/Baltimore area. Her eclectic interest in instruments includes voice, piano, clarinet, djembe, cello, and didjeridu. Libby creates an accepting and relaxed atmosphere in which to experiment with musical self-expression. Her patience and sensitivity help people of all levels of experience find a joyful way to free creativity. She believes that improvisation is the ideal vehicle for exploring music.