Exploring Trager Mentastics; A Special Event With Judy Rose Seibert

Edited by Joyce Morton from Preview by Matthew Harre

Judy Rose Seibert has invited AMSF members to come explore Trager Mentastics in a Special Event planned for October 29, 2000. She explains that Trager Mentastics teaches easy-to-execute self-care movements which help people move more freely and effortlessly. She believes that practicing these movements enables people to release chronic muscle tension and discomfort.

In the October 29 event, participants will explore movement and posture while playing a piano. Ms. Seibert will attempt to help participants experience the answer to questions such as "How can I diminish neck and shoulder pain or increase back comfort while playing the piano?" and "How can I release the tension I feel in my arms and wrists when practicing?"

Any AMSF member who wishes to attend this event should contact Matthew Harre to reserve a place. You should wear loose, comfortable clothing. The intention is to explore Mentastic movements as a group and then to explore specific needs of a few volunteers as time permits. If you would like to have some Mentastics movements specifically designed for you, bring a piece of music to play. Mr. Harre has suggested that a challenging piece will provide the most information to consider.

Ms. Seibert is certified by The Trager Institute to teach Trager Mentastics. You may find more information about Ms. Seibert and Trager Mentastics at http://www.tragerbyjudyrose.com.