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The Adult Music Student Forum, Inc. (AMSF) is a Washington, D.C.-region association of adult music students that provides educational and performance opportunities to non-professional/non-collegiate adult instrumental and vocal students, regardless of their level of expertise. Beginners, students returning to music after an extended absence, and advanced students are all welcomed by the Forum.

AMSF offers opportunities to share enthusiasm and experience, be exposed to new ideas, develop performance skills, meet others with similar musical interests, and to grow in understanding and appreciation of the musical experience. AMSF provides regular members with:

  • opportunities to perform in recital series and community outreach programs designed for varying levels of repertoire and experience;
  • several special events each year on topics of interest to active adult music students;
  • Keynotes, a quarterly newsletter with articles that educate, that explore issues of technique, performance, and practice, that recap recent AMSF events, and that inform readers of the upcoming activities of members and the organization.
Since 1988

History of the Adult Student Music Forum

The Adult Music Student Forum, Inc. is the successor to an unincorporated association by the same name that was founded in 1988 by Matthew Harre. At that time, Mr. Harre, a teacher of many adult piano students, approached the board of directors for the Washington Music Teachers Association, Inc. (WMTA) with the idea of an association of adult students in an attempt to establish a greater range of services for those students.

When the association was established, there was only one activity for beginning/intermediate adult music students in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area—the WMTA adult recital series. Mr. Harre suggested, and the WMTA board agreed, that a new organization be founded. The new organization would take over the expenses and manpower needs of the WMTA adult recital series and, in return, WMTA would allow this new organization to benefit by association with its name. The name “Adult Music Student Forum” was adopted, and the new group was formed.

After several years of operating as an adjunct to WMTA, members of the AMSF board decided to incorporate as an independent organization. AMSF incorporated in January, 1994, and it established its non-profit status later that same year.

For more on the founding and early history of the Forum, read Matthew Harre’s Founder’s Perspective and the AMSF Presidents’ tribute to Matt Harre.

Frequently Asked Questions
Does AMSF have branches in other cities?

AMSF is a local organization serving the DC Metro area, and does not have branches in other cities.

Could you recommend a [voice/instrument] teacher?

We recommend that you contact your local music teachers association(s). If you reside in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, you may contact the Washington Music Teachers Association , the Northern Virginia Music Teachers Association, or the Montgomery County Music Teachers Association.