Regular Membership

Any adult who actively studies or plays a musical instrument or is engaged in the study of vocal music in a non-professional, non-collegiate capacity, is eligible for regular membership. For more specific guidance, see the AMSF policy statement regarding Regular membership. Regular members:

  • may participate in all events
  • receive our quarterly newsletter, Keynotes

Associate Membership

Any adult, including music teachers and other professional musicians, may join AMSF as an Associate member. Persons living outside the Washington, D.C. region may join as associate members just to receive our newsletter. Associate members:

  • receive our quarterly newsletter, Keynotes
  • may attend all special events and open recitals but are not permitted to participate as soloists in recitals.

Apply for Membership

If you have further questions or concerns about membership, please contact us.  Us the button below to apply for membership.