The Adult Music Student Forum is pleased to welcome you as a member of the organization.  We look forward to a long and rewarding relationship.  AMSF seeks to provide performance and educational opportunities to adult music students of all instruments and voice, in any style of music, and at any level of proficiency. Formal study of music with an instructor is not required; self-study also counts!

As a regular member,  you are invited to perform in private recitals (open to participants and invited guests only), recitals in the “Encore” series, which are open to the public, and community outreach events.  Most recitals include a reception where you can socialize with other members and guests. You are eligible for free masterclasses and other educational events, and you will receive AMSF’s online quarterly newsletter as well as monthly updates.

Associate members are invited as audience to all events, and receive all communications, but do not perform.

We urge you to visit AMSF’s website at www.amsfperform.org frequently,  where all of this year’s events are posted in the calendar.  To sign up for events, click on the event that interests you in order to reach the coordinator, who will arrange for your participation.

If you have selected check payment, your membership will become active upon receipt of your check for dues payment. Please mail the payment to:

Adult Music Student Forum
P. O. Box 6204
Washington DC  20015

Feel free to contact treasurer@amsfperform.org if you have any questions.

We hope to see you often at AMSF events!