Amy Kett, Jack Stabile, Laura Garawski, Allan Reiter,
Alison Hickman, Raye Haug, Michelle Powell

On the first day of daylight saving time, seven performers gathered at the home of Allan Reiter to play an amazing program for the Sonata recital. The program included performances from three different Beethoven Sonatas, the beautiful andante movement of Brahms Sonata Op. 5, an experimental Griffes Sonata movement, and a movement of Mozart Sonata for two pianos. It is truly inspiring to see members taking time to perform longer or multiple Sonata movements for Sonata recitals. It’s also exciting to see the participation for the Sonata series has picked up since the pandemic. 

Great thanks to Allan Reiter again for hosting at his beautiful home with two lovely pianos. The sonata recital series is designed for performances of single- or multi-movement works. It is open for soloists and chamber groups. Players at all levels are encouraged to sign up. While sonata recitals are held at members’ homes, non-playing audience members are more than welcome to attend. To join the next Sonata as a performer or audience member, contact Kuo-Wei Wang at


Sonata for two pianos in D major, KV 448 — A. Mozart
Allan Reiter, piano
Laura Garawski, piano

Sonata in C Major (Op.  2, No.3) — L.V. Beethoven
Allegro con brio
Alison Hickman, piano

Piano Sonata A.85 — C. Griffes (1884-1920)
Molto Tranquillo
Raye Haug, piano

Sonata in C# Minor (Op. 27, No.2) (Moonlight) — L.V. Beethoven
Adagio sostenuto
Presto agitato
Michelle Powell, piano

Sonata in F Minor, Op. 5 — J. Brahms 
Amy Kett, piano

Sonata in D Minor (Op. 31, No. 2) (Tempest) — L.V. Beethoven
Largo – Allegro
Jack Stabile, piano