Deborah Morris, Liat Klopouh, Michelle Powell, Carol Henry, Bruce Kuhlik, Anne Spear, Louise Lovell, Ellen Lazarus, Stephanie Dailey

Our second annual Breakfast with the President was held on March 2nd, at Anne Spear’s lovely home. It was a joy!

Breakfast with the President is AMSF’s onboarding social for those who joined in the last 12 months. This is our opportunity to acquaint newbies with the various opportunities to perform and learn, along with other AMSF benefits. On this specific occasion, we had the pleasure of having Deborah Morris, Anne Spear’s piano teacher, with us, as well. Anne had been sharing her AMSF experiences with her teacher and wanted her teacher to learn more about our organization. We are hoping that Deborah encourages her other adult piano students to join.

President Michelle Powell and Vice President Carol Henry

Musical Welcome

President Michelle Powell welcomed AMSF newbies and began by playing a Spanish dance by Enrique Granados titled “Andaluza.” Vice President Carol Henry followed by playing a jazzy version of Phoebe P. Knapp’s “Blessed Assurance.”

Liat Klopouh and Anne Spear, newcomers themselves in last year’s onboarding social, were there to help welcome our honored guests and share their AMSF experiences.


Michelle spoke about AMSF’s background, the various recital series, Master Classes and Special Events while enjoying a delicious spread of breakfast. Carol talked about Community Outreach — how popular they are, and how blessed residents are when we play for them. We had such a convivial atmosphere, so the orientation was peppered with stories from everyone.

Our Newbies

Anne Spear, Louise Lovell, Liat Klopouh, Michelle Powell, Carol Henry, Deborah Morris, Stephanie Dailey, Bruce Kuhlik, Ellen Lazarus

Meeting Louise Lovell, Ellen Lazarus, Stephanie Dailey and Bruce Kuhlik was fun! Every guest at this Breakfast with the President got to know at least one person a little bit more. We were grouped in pairs. Each guest had a minute to interview their partner and a minute to be interviewed by their partner. When the two minutes were up, each guest introduced their partner to everyone. After the initial introduction, the person described had an opportunity to add to the description.

Louise and Bruce are returning to the piano as adults. Louise is looking for a teacher who specializes in adult students. We were able to refer her to Matt Harre, our founder. Bruce takes lessons with a student of Brian Ganz and he has played at a Prelude. Stephanie is a violinist and sings soprano and alto. Her orchestra friend, Kit Chan, who herself was a new member a year ago, invited Stephanie to join. Ellen is a guitar student who started during the pandemic. Ellen may be familiar to those of you who attended the Annual Party last September. She played a tune for us then.

Michelle Powell thanking Anne Spear with flowers

As a token of our appreciation, we gave our guests music notebooks. 

Our Hosts

Thanks to Anne and Jon Spears for being such warm hosts! We ended our gathering by giving them a lovely vase of flowers for their hospitality.