Standing: Don Foy, Dale Dean, Judith Block, Richard Sawyer, Mary Lewers, Amy Kett, Allan Reiter, Carol Pew. Sitting: Laura Garawski, Hala Tomey.

The rain and snow held off for the December Cadenza program at the home of Judith and Joe Block in Chevy Chase, DC. The gathering of performers included pianists and chamber ensembles, as well. 

Hala Tomey opened the program with her continuing intention of playing the entire Pictures at an Exhibition with the Promonades and delightful Gnomus, Il Vecchio Castelllo and Tuileries. I look forward to the full presentation. 

Richard Sawyer charmed us with Bartok’s Evening in the Country and several Brahms waltzes.

The Scherzo from Schubert’s Piano Trio in Bb Major was deftly presented by Laura Garawski, Don Foy, and Carol Pew.

Judith Block presented the three very different Novelettes of Poulenc.

Next on the program, Allan Reiter performed a delightful rendition of a Sinfonia by J.S. Bach and the 1st movement of Beethoven’s Les Adieux Sonata.

A second ensemble offering by Dale Dean and Mary Lewers on flute — 2 beautiful pieces by Barber and the American composer Eugenie Rocherolle — were lovingly performed.

Amy Kett concluded the program with the exquisite Elegie and Zdes Khorosho by Rachmaninoff.

The performances were beautiful, and everyone enjoyed the reception. Email Judith at to participate in future Cadenza recitals.


Pictures at an Exhibition — M. Mussorgsky
Promenade I
Promenade II

Il Vecchio Castello
Promenade III

Hala Tomey, piano

Evening in the Country — Bela Bartok
Waltzes, Op. 39 — Joh. Brahms
No. 2 in E Major
No. 3 in G# Minor
No. 16 in C# Minor
Richard Sawyer, piano

Scherzo, from Piano Trio in Bb Major, Op. 99 — F. Schubert
Laura Garawski, piano
Don Foy, violin
Carol Pew, cello

3 Novelettes — F. Poulenc
Judith Block, piano

Sinfonia in G Minor, BWV 293 — J.S. Bach
Sonata Op. 81a, 1st Movement — Beethoven
Allan Reiter, piano

Canzone, Op. 38a — Samuel Barber
Vignette — Eugenie Rocherolle
Dale Dean, piano
Mary Lewers, flute

Elegie (Op. 3, No. 1) — S. Rachmaninoff
Zdes Khorosho (Op.21, No. 7) — S. Rachmaninoff
Amy Kett, piano