Jack Stabile, Sondra Mills, Judith Block, Hala Tomey, Louis Reichwein, Kuo-Wei Wang, Amy Kett, Louis Essers

We came back to St. Columba’s Episcopal Church in Washington, DC, for our second Encore recital of this season. I sent out a pre-recital reminder email to the membership like we used to do pre-pandemic, and the memory-jogger brought out a nice larger gathering to hear the beautiful music our eight performers played for them. We had a nice reception with refreshments after the recital in the space adjacent to the sanctuary.

Our next Encore recital will be held on April 21st. If you wish to perform or attend as audience, contact Mark Ross at mross@amsfperform.org. We will be trying out another new venue for this one, so if you get a chance, come on out and help give it a “test drive!”


Sonata in Ab major (Op. 110, No. 31) — L. Beethoven
II. Allegro molto
III. Adagio, ma no troppo – Fuga: Allegro, ma no troppo
Louis Essers, piano

Pictures at an Exhibition — M. Mussorgsky
Promenade I
Promenade II
Il Vecchio Castello
Promenade III
Hala Tomey, piano

Elegie (Op. 3, No. 1) — S. Rachmaninoff
Zdes’ Khorosho (Op. 21, No. 7) — S. Rachmaninoff
piano arrangement by A. Volodos
Amy Kett, piano

Autumn Song in D minor (Op. 37b, No. 10) — P. Tchaikovsky
from The Seasons (October) 
Etude in C# minor (Op. 2, No. 1) — A. Scriabin
Sondra Mills, piano

Theme and Variations on the name ABEGG, Op. 1 — R. Schumann
Thema (animato) (F major)
Var. 1: energico (F major)
Var. 2: il Basso parlando (F major)
Var. 3: corrente (F major)
cantabile (Ab major)
Finale alla Fantasia (vivace), (F major)
Louis Reichwein, piano

Trois novelettes — F. Poulenc
No. 1 in C major
No. 2 in Bb minor
No. 3 in E minor
Judith Block, piano

Scherzo in B minor (Op. 20, No. 1)
Nocturne No. 20 in C# minor, Op. posth. (KK IVa No. 16) — F. Chopin
Jack Stabile, piano

Scherzo in C minor (Op. 14, No. 2) — C. Schumann
aLiebeswalzer in Ab major (Op. 57, No. 5) — M. Moszkowski
Kuo-Wei Wang, piano